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Rabu, 26 Januari 2011

Pr buat diary

Medan, January 26, 2011 
Dear Diary,

I have had a good experience. At that time I explored the internet. Actually, my first goal is to find homework, but by accident I saw the ads "Make a free website. Create your own website here ". I want to know exactly how to create websites. So I click on the ads and see how making a website.

Started from there I'm interested to create your own website, so I bought many books about how to create websites. I started from that simple. And that's very confused because have to know the codes. Having been somewhat memorized the codes, I bought another book again. This one I bought the book to create a website with PHP & MySQL. Then I confused, and asked myself "What is PHP & MySQL". Then I was interested and read it.

From  that all, now I was able to create a simple website, though still not very good, but it is my business. I'm proud. But for this website has not published it because there is no host. But I also have a blog, address, this was my own. There, I made an article that will be included in the article competition.

And I hope one of my classmates can make a blog like me, so that we can interact and cooperate with him/her on the internet.

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